Best Economic Entry Standing Desk

Best Economic Entry Standing Desk

Standing desks are all the rage right now, and you might be wondering what all the fuss is about,  You’ve probably heard that standing up while you work can help you burn more calories and lose weight,  and it is also good for your neck and back against long time sitting, but how do you know if the desk you are considering buying will actually fit your needing.

what else should you look for in a good quality standing desk with a reasonable price?  Here at Vidateco We want to maker sure that every customer has an amazing experience with our products, So we put together this helpful guide to assist you find the perfect piece of desk for your home and office.


Lets see The feature of Vidateco Standing desk:


  1. Vidateco desk is much more competitve in Price without losing product quality, at 179USD/Set it is among the very best price level among main online platform like Amazon, Wayfair, Ikea and ect.

  2. Four Programmable memory presets.

  3. Enhanced Anti-collison Feature

  4. Ultra-Silent operation lower than 50DB

  1. Vidateco Standing desks Remains Fairly Stable at the highest level, the desk allow quick maintenance without having to remove the tabletop, which makes maintaining effortless and efficient.

  1. It is Easy and clear for assemble according to our video. We have our seller in the office set  up the desk in 35 Minutes by his own.

  2. Some Consumer maybe not fond of splice Board,  but With Splice board, Offering more protection when shipping, Less damaged than one board

  3. Pass all the testing that meant for Entry to Big Retailers, Such as UL,GS, CE ,FCC,BIFMA.


Details of Ergonomic industry and Standing Desk.

When people buy height adjustable standing desks they often pay more attention to the price of electric lift tables. Some buyers have a misunderstanding about electric lift tables, thinking that the more expensive the price, the better the quality. Is this really the case?


If they take a deeper Look at Ergonomic industry and pay a bit more attention to the technical and supply chain, a Better conclusion and buying choice may come out.


Zhejiang and Jiangsu Province, which are located in East of China Take a large Part Directly or indirectly for ergonomic Industry, there are thousands of Factroies selling through all the way of Channels to US and EU

Including Own Brands Direct online, like Flexispot, Fezibo, BliBli, Vivo ,Furmax and ect ,

OEM for Domain Brands, Uplift, Standsteady, Steelcase, Autonomous,Herman Miller

OEM for Big retailers like Staples, Officedepot. Kaufland, Bestbuy..

Through furniture Dealers and also small Furniture retailers.


Except for100% domain producing, the very large part of products customers see on the market Originally comes from Above two provinces. When dealing with Vidateco, Customers are buying Directly from a trust Factory based in Ningbo Zhejiang.  

Vidateco standing desk keeps the quality for big Retailers and Peal off Channel Costing, Brand Advertising and promotion Costing, thus Create a very Friendly offer

For customers to have a standing desk at favorable Price level.


Standing Desk had already developed in this two provinces for over 10 years, the whole processing, including Raw Material, Design, Electronic Component,Motors, Frame Polishing, Assemble, Testing are all in Mature supply chain. Almost all the factory are sharing these supply chain,  Big Brands have their own advantages in Selling channel ,High End Design and Patent.  But for Economic and entry Levelsstanding desk,  New Brands as Vidateco is much more Favorable.


More tips about Standing Desk.

  • About ANSI and BIFMA standard,

BIFMA =Business + Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association

BIFMA Mainly concern in Durability, Safety, Sustainablity for Furniture including Standing desk.


  • About the Most Complaint for Standing Desk selling online,  We make Statistic from Public review,  Most Complaint Problem is Assemble confusion ,Delivery Damage during Express, Some Critical problem is Can’t work, Control LED shows Error.  Vidateco had pay a lot of attention to these Potential Risks and Make improvement to each Point.


To keep the Transportation on Safe, we choose more thicker protection inside, Particular on the Conner, and we use thicker Carton Box.  The Splice board makes the whole package smaller and avoid been Scratched easily.


To make the Assembling much more Clear, We had made both animated movie and actually Assembling movie by our officer,  Customer could easily get these at our website and support teams.


For Errors on the using, We had made sufficient enough circle times of testing for 100% Control and Motor, Both in half and Finished Production to ensure each desk shipped out is on good condition.  After all, Returning and fixing problem for such a heavy item is annoying.  Vidateco would make all the effort which can contribute to a smooth ordering and Using for the clients that trust us.


At previous, Many consumers may concerning Standing desk at this Price range tend to be underpowered, Hard to assemble, Made pooly, quick to fail.  But with improving production and quality Control method,  Vidateco Standing desk can proving all these impression are wrong,  You can definitely Buy a great elecronic Adjustable desk under 200USD!