How long does the shipping take?

We will do everything we can to make sure you get your order in a timely manner, each order shall have an associated tracking number (or even 2 or more if your order is shipped separately). If you have not received your package in due time, please feel free to contact our Customer Service.

The standard shipping usually takes 6-10 days.

Why didn't I get an email about my order being shipped?

This may be caused by the email sender, or sometimes the email is simply being marked as spam and goes into the junk mail. It will normally take us 1-5 business days to prepare orders for shipping. If you have not received an email in one week after the purchase, please contact our Customer Service.

Can I have a full refund of the return?

We will provide a full refund according to the terms of our return policy. In general, we try to be as flexible as possible on refunds, however, please note that we are only responsible for the returning costs initiated by quality issues or wrong delivery.


How often should I maintain the document shredder?

In order to prolong the service life of the machine, we suggest to use a lubricating sheet to oil shredder once or twice per month.

Why the shredder doesn’t work after plug in?

Pls check if the head of machine is aligned with the correct position of the wastebasket. The side with the LOGO on the machine head should be aligned with the side with the see-through window.

What should I do when the crosscut shredder is jammed.

Generally, you can press the "REV" button and pull up the paper at the same time. If there is a serious paper jam, you can press the "FWD" and "REV" buttons several times to clean the cutter, after then use tweezers and other tools to pick up the jam.

Why the number of sheets that can be shredded is less than the maximum number of sheets indicated?

Please check if the paper is damp, whether it contains plastic or the paper is too thick. It is not recommended to put more papers than rated sheets, which will definitely hurt the machine.

Why are there paper residue in the bin or on the blades?

To ensure the quality of the shredder, we test each unit before leaving the factory, so there may be some pieces of paper in the basket. Please be assured that all our machines are fresh and new.


What should I do when the plastic seal comes with wrinkles or air bubbles?

The boot time is very long, resulting in excessive
heat. Once you've changed to a paper card, it can be used again.

What should I do when the machine does not work or the power indicator light is not on?

Make sure the power plug and socket are in good
working order.

What should I do when the power indicator and the working indicator are always on, and the film will not enter?

Place the plastic portion into the glue stick until it
is in contact with it. Toggle the off switch to engaged.

What should I do when the plastic package enters from the inlet but does not come out from the outlet?

Press the eject button right away and remove the
plastic packet out by hand. To clean out dirt and avoid film jams, put a
cardboard card through the machine. Contact the manufacturer's after-sales
service or hire an expert to fix it.

Electric Desk

What should I do when running direction is abnormal?

Check to see if the motor and hall wires are connected
in the correct order.

What should I do when desktop tilt alarm?

It stops after 5cm in the other direction and displays
the actual height of the desktop after the alarm self-recovery.

What should I do when collision protection alarm?

After running for 5cm in the opposite direction, the
alarm code is immediately canceled.

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